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New Mexico Gun Laws

Places off limits / Restrictions:

  • 30-7-3 Unlawful Carrying of a Firearm in Licensed Liquor Establishments
  • Prohibiting the Carrying Of Concealed Handguns on Private Property
  • Carrying prohibited on private property
  • 30-7-3. Unlawful Carrying Of a Firearm in Licensed Liquor Establishments
  • Terms and Conditions of License
  • 29-19-10. Validity of License On Tribal Land.
  • 30-7-2. Unlawful Carrying of A Deadly Weapon
  • 30-7-1. “Carrying a Deadly Weapon”

Deadly Force / Justifiable Force

  • 30-2-5 Excusable homicide.
  • 30-2-6 Justifiable homicide by public officer or public employee.
  • 30-2-7 Justifiable homicide by citizen.
  • 30-2-8 When homicide is excusable or justifiable defendant to be acquitted

Dealing With Law Enforcement

  • 29-19-9. Possession of license.
  • D. Display of license on demand