Santa Fe Concealed Carry Class August 12th – 13th 2017


On Saturday August 12th and Sunday August 13th CCW Instructor David Beaty will be teaching a qualifying New Mexico Concealed Carry Permit class, open to the public. To learn more about the class read below. To register click the “add to cart button.”

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About the CCW Class:

The class will consist of 15 hours of classroom instruction and firing range time. You must attend the entire gun permit class to receive a certificate which must be submitted to DPS as part of your application. There is a 25 round handgun competency test that must be achieved to qualify for a certificate. This is a bare minimum and you are responsible to obtain and maintain proficiency with the firearm you intend to carry.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Basic Firearms Safety
  • Understanding the Criminal Mindset
  • Combatting Fear in a Life Threatening Situation
  • Strategies for Personal Security Inside and Outside the Home
  • Non-lethal Force Options for Self Defense
  • Understanding the Criminal/Civil Justice System
  • Justification for the use of Physical or Lethal Force
  • What constitutes “Self Defense” when using a firearm?
  • Where you can legally carry a firearm concealed and/or open in New Mexico
  • Handling contact with law Enforcement while carrying a firearm
  • Interstate Travel with Firearms and Reciprocity

Range fees are included.

How do you Register for Class:

We require pre-registration for our classes. Please click the add to cart button above to make your payment or call us at 505-395-5581 to register over the phone.

*Please note that credit card charges will show up as JP2 USAFT.

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