Elderly New Mexico Man Fights off Home Invasion


Last Thursday afternoon, Tijeras police responded to the scene of an elderly man attacked by a home invader. However, instead of seeing a ransacked home and a dead homeowner, the police found that the elderly man had fought back, shooting the intruder dead.


The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department says it was about 5:30 Thursday afternoon when they were called to Campo Road. Deputies say that’s where Sebastian Thompson, 48, broke into a home and attacked an unnamed 70-year-old man.

“I heard the cops come, and as it was evening, I tried to go the store, but this entire way was blocked off,” said Neighbor Liam Wilson.

“He walks with a cane. He’s kinda a bit older and has some issues. I think that a strong breeze would push him over,” said Jacob Johnson.

The Sheriff’s department made a statement saying that Thompson attacked the man with a bamboo stick and a hockey stick. The aged victim suffered a severe head injury but was able to shoot Thompson in the chest, using his .38 caliber handgun. Thompson died at the scene.

Another neighbor, Szonja Johnson said, “Good for him. That’s awesome that he was able to think that fast and he was able to protect himself.”

Wilson said, “The intruder got what he had coming to him.”

Neighbors say this incident should serve as a warning for anyone else considering targeting their community.

“Thank god that he’s armed and you know, most of us up here are. I hope people see this is not a good place to come for sure,” said Jacob Johnson.

The police department concluded that no arrests would be made in this case, but that it will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s office, to determine if it was a justifiable homicide.

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